DX Advanced Materials Co is a sputtering targets leader of manufacturer for high purity metal sputtering targets,alloy sputtering targets,ceramic sputtering targets and bonding sputtering targets service in China.Existing ion rotating electrode equipment, ball mill, mixing machine, hot isostatic pressing machine, cold isostatic pressing machine, vacuum sintering furnace, hot pressing equipment, professional R & D and production equipment with scanning electron microscope, laser particle size analyzer, X – ray diffraction, etc. to improve the material analysis and testing instruments; and has a high-quality R & Dteam.
DXAM relys on the stability of strict production process can meet the target shape: a planar target, target, target and circular cylindrical tube target. May be painted black, gold, silver, red, color film. To: flat panel display coating industry; the decorative coatings industry; glass coating industry; solar photovoltaic solar thermal industry industry. And the metal target and binding services. Some of the target (Cr, Cr-Al) uses advanced hot isostatic pressing technique has high purity, high density, uniform, fine grain size composition, the use of the advantages of long service life, good continuity, coating. Can produce all kinds of special specifications of materials.