DX Advanced Materials Co.,Limited (深圳市鼎信表面处理科技有限公司) is a professional engaged in R & D, production and sales of sputtering target materials of hightech enterprise as a whole unit. Institute of China aerospace research is in the area of Southern China core sales team, with superb technology and firstclass product quality to win the praise of users. Companies in the course of development and a number of domestic and foreign research institutions cooperation, design and production to keep pace with the times, constantly improve their conditions. According to the customer and development, continue to provide high quality products to customers, is our constant pursuit. Technology-based, reputation-based, provide users with the most perfect service.

The company’s existing ion rotating electrode equipment, ball mill, mixing machine, hot isostatic pressing machine, cold isostatic pressing machine, vacuum sintering furnace, hot pressing equipment, professional R & D and production equipment with scanning electron microscope, laser particle size analyzer, X – ray diffraction, etc. to improve the material analysis and testing instruments; and has a high quality R & D team.
Companies rely on the stability of strict production process can meet the target shape: a planar target, target, target and circular cylindrical tube target. May be painted black, gold, silver, red, color film. To: flat panel display coating industry; the decorative coatings industry; glass coating industry; solar photovoltaic solar thermal industry industry. And the metal target and binding services. Some of the target (Cr, Cr-Al) uses advanced hot isostatic pressing technique has high purity, high density, uniform, fine grain size composition, the use of the advantages of long service life, good continuity, coating. Can produce all kinds of special specifications of materials. By constantly transcend and improve the product quality, can provide the sputtering target stable product quality, variety, specifications series of components for customers, and in accordance with the demand for the production of composite target customers and provide target metal and binding services. Target products include: Cr/Ti/Zn/Zr; Si-Al/Ti-Al/Cr-Al/Ni-Cr/Cr-Si planar target and a rotating target. Since the establishment of the company, we always take the “according to customer and development” as our business philosophy, the spirit of quality, price, service for the purpose of good faith, solidarity, cooperation, dedication spirit of enterprise, adhere to customer service first, the customer is supreme. Team, enhance the value of you and me.