Optical coatings Sputtering Targets

Optical coatings sputtering targets are widely used in vehicle headlights, sunglasses, eyeglasses, mirrors, windows, camera lens and optical filters for laser technology.

Optical coating sputtering targetsPhysical Vapour Deposition

Anti-reflective/anti-glare coatings for eyeglasses Laser lenses, Optical filters for achromatic lenses (for astronomy and photography), Cable communications (e.g. DWDM), Spectroscopy

PVD-CoatingAnti-reflective coatings

Angioplasty devices, Anti-rejection coatings for implants (e.g. artificial hips, dental implants), Radiation capsules for cancer treatment

Protective coatings, beamsplitters

Currency, credit-card, and check-security, markings/holograms, Night vision/infrared equipment, One-way security windows

Applications include IR coatings, anti-reflective coatings (AR), protective coatings, beamsplitters, interference films and multilayer coatings.

The most common types of coatings used on precision optics include:

✦ Anti-reflection coatings

✦ Highly refractive layer systems in fiber optics

✦ Anti-reflective layers on glass

✦ Beam splitter coatings

✦ Color filters and special filters in the field of laser technology

DXAM is a top class manufacturer of highly refractive oxides for the use in the fields of glasses, precision optics and fiber optics. Our thin film materials such as niobium oxide target, titanium oxide target and silicon oxide target with excellent purity, homogeneity, microstructure and density, are highly approved by many customers from worldwide.